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“Farm Fresh Exports” is a leading grower and exporter of a wide variety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables items such as Grapes, Pomegranates and Onions to the overseas markets of Middle East, Europe and UK. We, as one of the leading Growers, we have established our name in the market with our quality products and world-class services.

Yellow Golden

Golden Raisins, "like natural seedless raisins...are Thompson Seedless grapes, but are oven-dried to avoid the darkening effect of sunlight. They are also treated with sulfur dioxide to preserve the light color".

Black Brown

Black Brown Raisins are typically sun-dried, but may also be ’water-dipped,’ or dehydrated. ’Golden raisins’ are made from Sultanas, treated with Sulfur Dioxide, and flame dried to give them their characteristic color. usually made from Thompson seedless grapes.


These are the most common variety found in markets, usually made from Sharad and Jumbo Black seedless grapes. Although they start as green grapes, the fruit naturally darkens as it dries.


Malayar Raisins are made from Thompson seedless grapes. Find throughout the year.

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